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Buy and sell Only Pure CLI White Route From Direct Tire1 and Licensed Companies. We are committed to provide excellent services with Reasonable Solutions. Our existence is based upon 24x7 uninterrupted and superior qualities of services.

Pure Routes

We provide pure CLI VoIP routes. Finest china Routes. China CC CLI and China CLI.
中国86 CC CLI

Hosted VoIP Solution

Dedicated VoIP switch and Vos3000. Chinese and English version. 64bit OS.
6 levels of security

24X7 Awesome Support

Based upon 24x7 uninterrupted and superior qualities of services. Please contact
Skype: [email protected]

Professional Staff

Sales: [email protected] Noc/support: [email protected] Accounts/billing:
[email protected]

Dedicated Billing Team

One complete team only works on rates. Providing upto date rates so our customers can compete in market.

Best Softswitch Solution

Market is full of fraud. Our vos3000 loaded with 6 levels of protection. 99.999% up time.
Anytime support. Best Rates

About us

Mission - To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality Routes and services at competitive prices that provides the best insurance value for our Clients. We are committed to the long-term success of our customers by delivering a unique combination of platform, Applications, Top Class Services and Quality Routes.

Our Focus - Terminating wholesale and retail voice traffic to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, China, Nepal and many more countries. Providing Call centre solutions and dialers. Dedicated VoIP switches and Vos3000 and english and chinese.

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Sales - Please contact sales For Selling / buying Routes and Hosted Solutions ( VoIP Switch / VOS). Email: [email protected] ||||| NOC - Please Contact NOC Engineers for Restore Quality Voice and Continues Service Email/Skype: [email protected] .

Please feel free to contact.